Struggling Immigrants to North America

For those folks interested in our ancestors and the hard times they had settling in North America, I researched a site recommended to me. I spent an entire day going through the records and reports of  the Irish and English Immigrant ships from 1846-1849 during the potato famine years (I have barely touched on all the information). Thousands of people perished during their ocean voyage to America.  These poor souls contracted Typhoid either before the voyage or during the voyage. Many of these ships were in quarantine for weeks, some of them being  turned away from American ports because of the sickness.

The research I have been doing is for  Grosse Isle near Quebec, also called the Isle of death. Here is the link for this informative site.

I hope you will find this as interesting as I have.


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  1. Pat Flaherty
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 13:32:04

    Thanks, Nan. This looks like a great resource.
    In addition — there is a book called “The Ocean Plague” by Robert Whyte published in 1848. It describes the voyage of an Irish emigrant ship to Quebec in 1847. Robert Whyte was o board — a journalist of that time. You can download this book for free from Google Books.


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