Searching Ships for Immigrant Ancestors 1800’s

For those of you who may not know about this site, it is truly a great site for the Ancestors who arrived in New York from 1818-1892, before Ellis Island. This includes the Port of New York and Castle Garden.

The ships and barks arriving in NY came from all over Europe, albeit from England and Ireland. I happened to be looking for an ancestor who came from Switzerland. Port of departure were places in Germany, although I have not finished checking out all of the ships,  they are listed by ship names and date. Just click on a ship name and it will open up  with the passenger list. At the top gives port of departure.

Be sure to scroll down the page to “Useful links” which are free. The Port of NY was before Castle Island. Castle Island opened in Aug 1855. Both were closed when Ellis Island opened in 1892. The ancestor I was searching had the first name of Joseph, his last name had a variety of spellings, Senrich, Isenrich, Senrick, I went to my toolbar, clicked edit, then “find on this page” and just put in the name Joseph, every Joseph on the page shows up including the female Josepha, Josephine etc., but it sure saves time in your search if your not sure of a spelling of the last name. I also started out with April, thinking they may not have left Switzerland until spring or summer. The immigrant names are not alphabetical.

Here is the link:

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