An Excerpt from the Battle of Fort Griswold, Groton, CT.

My 4th great grandfather Jabez/Jabish Pembleton was in the Rev War,. he was wounded in the hand, taken prisoner, sent to Long Island with 5 other soldiers, later traded or paroled ( both accounts are recorded) returned to rejoin his regiment. The death of Colonel Ledyard is written in Jabez’ Pension Records.

This is a narrative from the American side of the Battle at Fort Griswold.

“Only six of the Americans were killed in the fight, but after the surrender, the British officer in command, one Benedict Arnold, murdered Colonel Ledyard with the very sword that Col Ledyard surrendered to Arnold. Arnold refused to give quarter to the garrison, instead seventy-three were massacred.

Some were badly wounded and others were carried away captive. Some of the wounded were placed in a baggage-wagon at the brow of the hill on which the fort yet stands, it was sent down the rough and steep slope a hundred rods, with great violence, for the purpose of plunging the helpless victims into the river. This jolting caused some of the wounded to expire, while the cries of agony from the lips of the survivors were heard across the river in the midst of the crackling noise of the burning town   An apple tree had arrested the course of the wagon and there the sufferers remained more than an hour, when their captors laid them on the beach to die.  Friendly hands conveyed them to a house nearby, where they were cared for by tender women.”



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