Winter As A Child

This winter has been very harsh no doubt.  It reminded me of when I was a child.  Raised in upstate New York, in the city, until I was seven, when we moved out into the country.  The school I attended was a “one room Country School” called Grove School, it stood on the corner of a dirt road.  In the winter we all wore snowsuits and boots we just removed our jackets, hats and mittens while inside,  we took our sleds to school because at recesses morning and afternoon and lunch time, of course there was always after school too, if they did not sand the road, we could sleigh ride down that road, build snowmen, have snowball fights and make snow angels.   At the bottom of the road there was a bridge that went over a creek, we would leave our sleds and climb up the embankment, slide down the hill on our behinds towards the creek, there was a tree limb overhanging near the creek which you had to grab onto or you would get  wet.  It was a long uphill walk back to the school dragging your sled if you were wet.  When recess and lunch time was over the teacher would ring the bell letting us know it was time to come back. The school was heated with a wood stove a great place to dry those mittens and boots.  My favorite boots were the boys boots with buckles down the front which both boys and girls wore back then, they fit right over your shoes. My favorite hat was a stocking cap as it was long enough to wrap around you neck like a scarf, not good for sleigh riding however if it got loose you could hang yourself.  No matter how much snow we had we always went to school. And yes I walked it was only about a quarter of a mile away. We spent a lot of time outdoors when it snowed we had so much fun.

About a mile from where we lived was a store and gas station which had a pond in back where we used to ice skate. I was about 12 when I begged for ice skates.  I would walk to the pond to go ice skating with my friends then walk home again.  I remember one day I decided to put on my skates before I went there, it would save the time and effort of removing my boots and shoes.  My feet hurt when I got there so skating was not fun that day, by the time I got home I was walking in my socks my feet were so sore, I never did that again.

I have a hill behind my house which in the past we enjoyed in the winter especially with the grandchildren. The whole family would be here and we would all sleigh ride, now with plastic sleds.  Fun was had just the same.  I would have loved to do that this year, but now I am too old and  houses are there now.  So I just worked on my genealogy, stayed warm  and remembered all the fun that snow  used to be and what kids today are missing out on.