My Great Grandmother Underwood had 14 children, until a month ago I was missing 4 of them.  With the help of another researcher on Ancestry we have 1 left to find, a female.  I have known about one daughter Eunice since 2003, knew she married a man whose last name was Lawrence, had a son named Ernest  and I even knew Ernest’s wife’s name was Lillian.  Shortly after Eunice married the family supposedly moved to Illinois but search after search came up empty.  

Last month I again went searching and checked out a Binghamton, NY Directory 1898, well low and behold there was a Thomas Lawrence….husband of Aunt Eunice?  Then another wall….no 1900 census for Binghamton or the State of New York had my family in it.  So for 1900, I put in the name Thomas Lawrence with a birth date of 1879 +/- 1 year the United States, I picked a birth year that was near Eunices age and there they were in Georgia with their son Ernest age 1 born in NY, Oct 1898, Thomas was born in Texas, Jul 1873 and I knew Aunt Eunice was born in Homer, Cortland Co. NY. Sep 1880. She was in an 1892 Cortland Co. NY census.  Married for 3 years.  The Lawrence family were Missionaries with the Salvation Army. Then I went into Find-a-Grave, put in Eunice Lawrence, United States well…there she was in Cuyahoga Co. OH. along with a newspaper Article about her death: “WOMAN DIED IN GOD’S SERVICE” “Touching Memorial at a Salvation Army Meeting”  “Husband of Martyr Breaks Down in Describing End”  Capt Thomas Lawrence.  I was able to download the entire touching article to my computer.   Again I went researching in, this time in Ohio, I knew by the newspaper article that Christmas was mentioned near the end, so I picked the years of death records for Cuyahoga Co. 1902-1903 Vol 14 and there she was in image 115 of 372, date of death 20 Nov 1902, she died of Scarlet Fever at the age of 23.   

Thomas did remarry in 1914 and died 22 Feb 1931 in Chicago of Pneumonia, son Ernest died 12 Feb 1983 in Chicago, his wife Lillian lived to be 100 and died 7 Mar 2002 in Indiana but she is buried with Ernest in Illinois. Ernest and Lillian had no children.  I have added them all to Find-a-Grave and connected them to each other and my G Grandparents t0 continue the  generations. 

Sources for these people are: Census Records, Death Records, Cemetery Records, Directories, Obituaries, find-a-grave, Marriage records and WW I Draft Registraions.

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